Winner of the Texas Institute of Letters First Book of Fiction
Finalist for Western Writer's of America Award   

"It's rare these days to find a character in fiction who seems at once as unique and particularized as flesh-and-blood and richly resonant in the best  of literary ways.  Reynolds is such a character.  Donley Watt's new novel is a terrific tour de force."  

               Robert Olen Butler
 "When Donley Watt - or any of his characters - says, 'Listen to my story,' we'd best attend.  A fine offering from a natural-born storyteller, Haley, Texas 1959 is original and honest, gritty, wise."
                  Janet Peery
​"Dancing with Lyndon"

"In this beautifully structured novel, Donley Watt has given us an edgy portrait of small-town angst 
in post-World War II Texas. the book is instructive and entertaining; it reaquaints the reader with an almost forgotten aspect of American life.  You can't ask a novel to do much more than this."

                  Rick DeMarinis

"Watt cruises and jabs at just the right moments; he's a risk-taker, an exceptionally talented writer."  
                  Terry McMillan

"Watt's first novel achieves a state of grace." Publishers Weekly
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"Can You Get There from Here?"

"...the grit of life so thick it comes off on your fingers."
  The Dallas Morning News

"Watt's economical style and storytelling powers rival those of Larry McMurtry in his early works."
  Fort Worth Star Telegram


"Haley, Texas 1959"

"Watt's prose is surefooted, eloquent in places, as it reminds us of the cruelty and hate that in the 1950s were juxtaposed with more heartwarming scenes....Human nature, then as now, is often an ugly thing to behold."
  Houston Chronicle

"Fine prose, unexpected twists in this 'demi-memoir' out of hardscrabble East Texas."
  Texas Monthly
 "The Journey of Hector  Rabinal"